What is Climb Lab?

 We support the lifestyle of elevation around the world. Climb Lab designs and engineers equipment & accessories for the occupation, sport, and leisure of climbing. Currently in a startup phase we are focused on getting our first products to market for the betterment of the climbing community.  

What types of equipment does Climb Lab make?

Depending on your adventure we offer products for a multitude of different endeavors. For the “occupation” of climbing we engineered a technical anchoring device that allows rope access specialists and tower technicians the freedom of easily anchoring where there is angle supports or I-beams.

For the “sport & leisure” of climbing we offer hardware and soft-wear. Hardware is our climbing accessories that aid in the safe pursuit of adventure and help comfortize life at the crag. First up, is: project X – a universal creation for rock climbing accessories. *We’d love to tell more but you’ll just have to wait!

Soft-wear is our line of climbing apparel and goods that keep you fitted at the crag and 100% when off the stone or in the elements. Rock our logo wherever your heart desires and stand as a beacon for sustainability & life at elevation. We have branded apparel, like: T-shirts, Chalk Bags, and also a cosmetic or intense moisturizer. It’s called climb salve – a proprietary blend of organic ingredients formulated to provide natural relief for hard working skin.

Where can I find your products?

Social media pages like Facebook and Google+ are the best places to get updated information. We visit climbing gyms, farmers markets, or the tops of mountains so keep your eyes peeled and your ears to the ground because we are coming to crag near you. Contact us via email or monitor our calendar of events for an update on availability. Online store coming soon!

Where are you located?

Nestled in the heart of the Midwest, Climb Lab was founded in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. You can find us anywhere there is climbing. Steel or stone we are climbing to the core!

Do you offer any other services?

We offer: educational opportunities, workforce solutions for occupational climbers or companies that employ technicians working at heights with an emphasis on climb & rescue, sport climbing development services for outdoor recreation, and contracted design + mechanical engineering for climbing related products.